About Singularity

This blog is an exploration of health, technology, and innovation through the public health lens. A singularity is, in a cultural sense, a point in time at which forces align to make radical transformation inevitable. From computers and mobile phones to nanotechnology and the internet, technology has facilitated many such transformations already, and many more are to come. Read more on Why singularity?

About Me

My name is Jonathan Payne. I am a student at the Harvard School of Public Health studying health policy & management. My wanderings have taken me from Honduras to Mongolia, Boston to Kenya researching health information systems at impoverished, rural HIV clinics and wealthy integrated delivery networks. It is my belief in just about any industry, and especially health, technology is only 20% of the solution. The other 80% is monitoring and evaluation, quality improvement, adapting to culture, and modifying the clinical workflow and business processes. My goal is to use my research in these areas to improve implementations and health outcomes both domestically and abroad.

I welcome your participation in this blog, so feel free to comment or send me information on upcoming events and important articles. I look forward to the ongoing discussion…