Cafe Luna and living mobile in Boston

La Cafe Luna

I wanted to take this post to thank Cafe Luna and the many places like it that not only make my mobile work lifestyle possible, but also make it taste a lot better. Cafe Luna, just outside of Central Square in Cambridge, MA, is quickly becoming one of my favorites with free WI-FI, a great shot of espresso,  a suprisingly good lobster roll (right?), and even live music several times a week.

A few of my other favorites in Boston/Cambridge:

* Trident Bookseller – all types of teas, decent coffee with free refills, and a full menu with all-day breakfast (try the breakfast burrito); free WI-FI, like everything on Newbury

Natural Bean Organic Coffee – also on Newbury; hands down the best cup of drip coffee I have had in Boston; just a few tables inside and out

* Flour – in the South End; no internet, but does it really matter when they make sticky buns as good as these? I think not. Plus, only 2 blocks from Orinoco, one of my favorite lunch or dinner restaurants around.

* Pete’s Coffee in Harvard Sq – the sticky buns aren’t quite as good as they are at Flour, but I haven’t found a better, more consistent cappuccino in the city; the park outside is also nice

Other suggestions? Leave it in the comments…


5 responses to “Cafe Luna and living mobile in Boston

  1. Read Holman

    Heard there’s this awesome bakery called Petsi Pies. They hold house in Cambridge and Somerville. Might I recommend the Cream Cheese Coffee Cake? I might not if the Bacon, Leek, and Swiss savory tart is available.

    Wifi and lunch in Cambridge – open late. Baked goods and hacked wifi in Somerville. Check it:

  2. Great suggestion! I think I’ll try it out today…

  3. I enthusiastically second Read’s suggestion for Petsi’s – I practically lived there for a few months last winter. Also, gotta go with Darwin’s – 2 locations in around Harvard square. If you ever make it up to Davis, then Diesel is a fun experience.

  4. I always loved the atmosphere at Uptown Espresso on Columbus. It is never crowded and everyone there is really friendly. Outdoor garden seating in the summer, free wifi, and they also have good panini sandwiches and soy lattes. One downside is no plug-ins, so make sure you are charged up before you go.

  5. Katelyn Mack

    Ula’s Cafe in JP. Free Wi-Fi and a wicked good sweet potato sandwich (yes…it sounds strange…). To top it off, after lunch you can get a free tour at the Sam Adam’s Brewery located right behind it! Many papers have been written here…

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