1 book a week for 1 year

I never realized I was such a slacker next to President Bush. I was sent an article comparing the reading habits of Presidents Obama and Bush. Bush, it appears, had an ongoing competition with Karl Rove to see who could read the most and reportedly read nearly 2 per week (95 in 2006) during parts of his presidency. In April, Obama stated he is reading Joseph O’Neill’s novel “Netherland” and repeated it in a recent BBC interview, putting him at a pace of only 10 books per year.

While this isn’t a very accurate measurement of Obama’s commitment to reading–and I think we’d all rather him be leading our country!–I realized that I’m not doing much better. So, I committed to reading 1 book per week over the next year. I’m using my Book Log to help me track myprogress. Anyone else up for the challenge?

Here are the next few books on my lineup:


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